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Halcyan Water Conditioner: The ‘Personal’ (Shower) Unit - H2o "Shower"

Halcyan Water Conditioner: The ‘Personal’ (Shower) Unit - H2o "Shower"

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H2o “Shower’ is the super easy solution for those people renting, or moving around a lot. It takes just 30 seconds to screw onto the shower hose to protect your skin and hair from the effects of hard water. The Personal unit treats the water from your shower, ensuring a pleasant, softened water experience.

  • 1 x female, 1 x male 15mm/1/2″ BST connectors. Connects directly onto the shower hose.
  • Total length is 105mm
  • Meets the requirements of electric and mixer showers.

P&P cost for UK included*

Product Description

H2o “Shower’ is the super easy solution for those people renting, or moving around a lot. It takes just 30 seconds to screw onto the shower hose to protect your skin and hair from the effects of hard water.

Who is Halcyan Water Conditioner perfect for?

A Halcyan water conditioner is for anyone in a hard water area who wants to put an end to their limescale problem, especially if they want a solution that lasts over 30 years, is maintenance-free that whole time and has no negative effect on the environment. Halcyan is an especially good fit for:

  1. people who want to deal with limescale but don’t want to use salt softeners due to environmental concerns, space concerns, or just can’t be bothered with the monthly maintenance
  2. People who want an easy way to save money long-term on their energy bills
  3. Prudent homeowners, new builders, and renovators, protecting their investments
  4. Householders who want to protect their hot and cold-water systems, while extending their appliance’s lifespan
  5. people who want to live more sustainably and reduce their carbon footprint

 Is Halcyan Right for you?

  • If you want to save money on your energy bills (on average, you could save between £330 – £500 every year)
  • If you live in a hard water area and struggle with the effects of limescale on your appliances
  • If you’re short on space for a traditional salt-based system or simply don’t want to sacrifice a kitchen cupboard
  • If you want to deal with limescale sustainably without adding chemicals or salts to our rivers system
  • If you want to transition your home to be carbon neutral (save 0.6 tonnes CO2e per year)
  • If you want to be able to drink the water from every tap in your home
  • If you want a solution that is zero maintenance, lasts for over 30 years and that’s a total fit and forget solution
  • If you want to enjoy more skin, hair and people-friendly water

It is not right for you if:

  1. You want 100% soft water
  2. If you can’t bear to see even a light, non-bonding powder on your surfaces

How easy is this product to fit?

The Halcyan Water Conditioner is very straightforward to choose a suitable size and also very easy to install. Assuming you have standard pipework, it should take a plumber between 30-60 mins to fit a Halcyan Conditioner.

If you are a DIY enthusiast, you may be able to fit it yourself without the need of a qualified plumber. We have created an easy-to-follow installation guide video at the bottom of this page.

What are the benefits of this product? 

Money-saving – Saves money on energy and additional household bills (£330-500 pa on energy plus around £500 per annum on cleaning products)

Easier cleaning – Limescale is removed and new deposits are treated so they only form an easy-to-clean powder residue

Money and time saving – Reduces maintenance for boilers, and kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings, extending the lifespan of appliances

Health – Water is safe and contains all the healthy minerals nature provides.

30-Year Warranty & 12-Month Performance Guarantee

All Halcyan Water Conditioners are a one-off purchase and installation meaning a permanent fit with zero maintenance for over 30 years. Each comes as standard with a comprehensive 30-year warranty and a 12-month performance guarantee which is covered solely by the manufacturer. Every product fits a compact design and standard fittings, for easy installation and is simple to install requiring no earthing, no power and no directional flow requirements. Our water conditioners are a sustainable solution adding no salts or chemicals to the water system, meaning our customers usually feel softer skin, hair and products like soaps and shampoo lathers more effectively.

**The 30-year manufacturers warranty & 12-month performance guarantee is covered solely by the manufactures and must be registered directly with them. Plumbsafe UK does not cover any warranty on Halcyan products.

What makes Halcyan products different when they look the same?

Whilst Halcyan superficially resembles many systems on the market we differ in several key ways. The effectiveness of the unit at removing and preventing limescale build-up, the length of the effect on the minerals (2-3 weeks rather than 48 hours), the lifespan of the system (30 years), and the additional ‘softer’ water benefits.

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